Citizens rally to support "Pro-Life" debate in state capitol

Citizens rally to support "Pro-Life" debate in state capitol

TYLER (KYTX) - Two weeks since Democrat Wendy Davis stood against Texas Senate Bill Five, starting Monday those in favor of the bill will also take a stand, heading to Austin for "Pro-Life" week.

It's a Texas sized debate over what was senate bill five that continues Monday morning. People like Suzanne Laine said the bill, some call the abortion bill, would deny abortions after 20 weeks.

 "We as a family have fought pro-life issues for ever," Laine said.

She and three charter bus loads of like-minded people will leave for Austin Tuesday from Tyler for "Pro-Life" week.
 "It is very important for those that respect live stand up, because those that don't are standing up," said Laine

For the past few weeks, arguments from both sides have gained attention. Laine said the first dose of attention came from Democrat Wendy Davis's filibuster.

She said, "It wasn't a real representation of what Texas believes."  

Committeewoman Senate District one of the State democratic executive committee Karen Wilkerson disagrees. She said it should be called a bill against women.

"It turns the clock back on women's rights, not just health care but women' rights," said Wilkerson.

Wilkerson said, the bill has several contentions that aren't getting enough attention.

"This bill covers more things than just 20 weeks, it closes clinics all over the states."

She said, it also limits women's access to the morning after pill.         

"I remember the days before roe v wade, when women was taking their lives into their own hands, literally," Wilkerson said.

She said if the bill is passed it will do more harm than good. Laine doesn't see it that way.

"If we're gonna live in a nation where there is abortion, lets not lose two lives, lets at least be in a position where these women are protected and their health and well being is protected."  

Charter Bus Info:

Reservations must be made by Monday
Contact #: 281-826-2434



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