City of Longview to conduct citywide truck-mounted mosquito spraying

City of Longview:

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - In recent weeks, the East Texas area and much of the State of Texas has experienced an increase in cases of West Nile Virus.  Beginning Monday, August 27, the City of Longview will conduct citywide truck-mounted mosquito spraying. The mosquito spraying will occur primarily Mondays through Thursdays during the morning hours of 4 – 6 a.m. and the late evening hours of 9 – 11 p.m.  

The mosquito spraying will generally take place according to a geographic schedule throughout Longview. A map of the schedule may be viewed online at In addition to the set schedule, additional targeted spraying may occur where there is a suspected West Nile concern. 

For the mosquito spraying, the City of Longview uses a variety of different pyrethroids, which is the same active ingredients that can be purchased in stores as yard fogger spray. It is a very common insecticide that is recommended by the CDC. However, people with sensitivities are encouraged to remain indoors during the spraying times. 

According to Director of Development Services Kevin Cummings, "Throughout the summer, the City of Longview Environmental Health Department has been actively working to prevent mosquitoes by using larvacide as well as targeted truck mounted spraying in select locations. Citywide spraying is just another piece in that effort. The most important and effective effort is for residents to help prevent mosquito bites by removing standing water around their homes, wearing insect repellent, and not being outdoors from dusk to dawn." 

The City of Longview Parks and Recreation areas will continue to remain open to the public. However, the City is recommending that the public avoid being outdoors during the hours of dusk to dawn. Should residents be outside during these hours, please wear long sleeve shirts, pants, and use an insect repellant. 

More information about West Nile Virus can be found on the City of Longview website or by calling the Environmental Health Department at 903-237-1285.


Effective ways to avoid a mosquito bite: 

  • Get rid of any standing water near residence. Regularly drain standing water, including water that collects in empty cans, tires, buckets, clogged rain gutters, and saucers under potted plants. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water.
  • Remain indoors during the dusk and dawn hours, which is the most active times for mosquitoes.
  • Wear long pants and long sleeves when outside
  • Use an effective mosquito repellant according to label directions. Approved repellants are those that contain DEET, picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus.
  • Make sure screens are intact on all doors and windows to keep mosquitoes from entering the home.
  • The elderly and those with chronic medical conditions or compromised immune systems are more vulnerable to developing West Nile illness when bitten by an infected mosquito. Please check on elderly friends and neighbors that may need help repairing windows or door screens to help keep mosquitoes out and with other precautions to reduce their risk of becoming ill.


Spraying Activity Information


  • While spraying is occurring, avoid being outside, close windows, and consider keeping pets inside. For individuals with health sensitivities please minimize exposure to the spray.
  • If skin or clothes are exposed, wash with soap and water.
  • Rinse homegrown fruits and vegetables with water as a general precautionary measure.
  • Cover small ornamental fish ponds.
  • Because the chemical breaks down quickly in sunlight and water, no special precautions are suggested for outdoor swimming areas; however, citizens may cover swimming pools if they choose.


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