Clean up your act online to land a job

Clean up your act

TYLER (KYTX) -  Partying with friends, vulgar language, suggestive pictures...  These are all things that pop up on social media sites these days.

And, Stephen Lynch with Workforce Solutions East Texas says you can bet employers are checking them out.

"When you look at behavior and what a person does for recreation, it may have some bearing on what an employer- how an employer perceives a person."

And, he says what employers find may not be acceptable.

"Especially if you're looking for a professional job or a job where your background is very important."

Amanda Sharp is one of those people on the hunt for a new job.

"I see a lot of my friends putting on half naked pictures and drinking and everything." she says. "And, I'm just like, yeah, that's not even cool."

She says you can never be too careful about what you put on the web for the world to see. That's why she keeps her Facebook clean.

Anything you put on the Internet will stay on the Internet, whether you delete it or not. And, it'll always come back to bite you.

"It's just a good common rule." says Lynch. "Don't put anything out there that you would be ashamed of or one thing that would make you appear in a negative manner."

That includes the pictures you post and the language you use on social media. Lynch says all of that can tell a lot about your behavior to employers.




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