Cold front takes aim at East Texas

TYLER (KYTX) - Even though you may have been wearing shorts Wednesday and breaking a sweat, Thursday we'll be grabbing jackets and pants.

Doctors say you can't actually get a cold from the weather changes, but all they can sure lead to sniffles and sore throats.

It's nice and warm now, but Thursday morning we'll all be reaching for extra layers in East Texas.

Heather Wittenburg decided it was perfect weather to head to the park.

"We had the afternoon, just wanted to spend a little time with my daughter and decided to take her to the park, and here we are. Beautiful day," says Wittenburg.

Sun's shining, kids are playing, and people are all ready for summer in their shorts.

"We usually kind of expect it at the end of April, start getting warmer, but I don't know, going to be in the 30's you said? Be pretty cold. Not expecting that," says Wittenburg.

An unexpected cold front is blowing in, dropping the temperature more than 40 degrees.

"Despite what my grandmother says, getting cold really doesn't give you a cold. But it can give you cold like symptoms, sore throat, dry membranes and make you feel bad," says Dr. Brad Robertson at Tyler Urgent Care.

In the last month we've seen several drastic temperature changes, from warm to cool or cold. Doctors say the winds changing, north to south, can kick up allergies and it's bringing more people in to see them.

"Staying hydrated, plenty of rest, vitamin c, multi-vitamins within reason," says Dr. Robertson.

Dr. Robertson says that might help, because along with the weather changes, many people are feeling the effects of allergens, even Heather.

"Had to get a depo shot, allergy shot," says Wittenburg.

And don't forget to keep the kids dressed appropriately until the weather levels out.

Although we won't be seeing quite freezing temperatures, it might be a good idea to pull those plants inside just in case, or cover them up with a cloth, never plastic.

And don't forget your pets.

You may need to bring them inside too.

If you're worried about a problem with your pipes the next few nights, it wouldn't hurt to insulate them either.


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