Cold weather preparations to keep you safe

TYLER (KYTX) - We've seen sleet and even snow flurries today.

And now that the sun has set, it's just going to get colder.

We know right now the roads are safe, but there's a lot that goes into keeping you safe out here, and at home.

"Have a mix of warm and cold water, when you do this, and just try to keep it as low as possible. Moving water doesn't freeze," says Will Knous.

Knous is going to make sure he doesn't run into the same problem he had last month when his pipes froze.

"You get up first thing and try to brush your teeth and turn on the shower, and you've got nothing, becomes more of an issue," says Knous.

Knous says the below freezing temperatures for days caused the problem, and he and his girlfriend learned their lesson.

They'll keep the water running.

While others fought the wind as the winter storm blew in.

"It's pretty much all hands on deck for us, so everyone who is available to is working today, so it's just kind of preparation as normal," says Charles Hill with Oncor.

Charles Hill with Oncor says the wind may cause more problems possibly snapping limbs and downing power lines, but overall they're ready.

"Right now we're not seeing any abnormal conditions, obviously demand is up because of the cold weather," says Hill.

And other agencies around east Texas are ready if they need to step in and sand slick roads.

And if you're looking for a way to keep your house warm without running up a bill when the thermostat drops ...

"Closing blinds really helps because you lose a lot of heat out of those windows," says Hill.

Hill says bundle up, and if you use the fireplace, turn the heat down because the fire will pull cold air throughout the house.

And watch the roads, in case any winter precipitation freezes.

"That'll be an adventure. Our driveway is steep and angles directly to the house, but luckily my girlfriend has a 4 wheel drive car," says Knous.

Again, be sure you keep your pipes safe, let your faucet's drip.

And cover any outside, exposed pipes that you can.

Of course remember to cover any plants you have outside as well.

And don't leave your pets out in the cold either.


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