Cold weather safety

TYLER (KYTX) - Those freezing temperatures aren't going to make driving any easier.

You need to take extra time if you're getting out on the roads after the rain and temperature drop.

The temperatures will continue to drop.

That could mean potential problems on the roads, from icy patches, to downed power lines.

And that's why road and electric crews are getting ready to hit the roads too, to keep you safe on your drive and restore power.

Before any ice sets, people have been stocking up, to keep warm.

"We came in to get some chips for the dog and we moved him into the garage. So he'll be nice and warm with all the cedar chips," says Mind Lyons.

Lyons came to Atwoods in Tyler to get her dog ready for the storm, but she didn't forget about her own essentials.

"Extra food, lots of blankets in case the power goes out, that type of thing," says Lyons.

And line crews haven't forgotten about you either.

"We prepare for storms before we ever know there's a storm coming," says Charles Hill with Oncor.

Oncor canceled vacations for employees this weekend to gear up, suit up and be ready to fix lines.

"We're expecting 1/4 to a 1/2 inch ice build up accumulation in the east Texas area. Obviously more the far north you go," says Hill.

"It's just a matter of what's coming and knowing what's coming. So they'll go out and pre-sand in some locations," says Carter Delleney, the city engineer for the City of Tyler.

And the city of Tyler and TXDot have crews ready to sand down roads and bridges.

Paying extra attention to anything off the ground.

"The wind does play a factor in getting things a little colder than what the actual temp maybe," says Delleney.

Bridges and overpasses are more susceptible to icing over, meaning you should pay more attention when driving on them.

"Obviously takes a while for the pavement to get to a point where it's going to be cold enough for everything to stick on the road," says Delleney.

And while the crews stand ready, people like Mindy Lyons...

"We're right on the line, it's like 32 degrees right now. As it gets dark I think it's going to get a lot colder and possibly ice," says Lyons.

Are staying in.

"Just stay warm," says Lyons.





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