College tips for the incoming freshman

College tips for the incoming freshman

TYLER (KYTX) - Freshman know to expect a greater sense of freedom when they start college this fall -- but there's also more responsibility. It's the small things that newbies don't know -- that could cause quite the headache.

For many, the first day of college was full of excitement. But in the days to follow, when financial aid deadlines are approaching, you don't have the proper paperwork, or can't afford textbooks,things can get overwhelming quickly. So before you find yourself in tears, here are some things you should keep in mind.

The jump to college from high school is quite an experience..

"The main thing about college is you're free and that's what people take especially their freshman year, they're excited to be free," said UT Tyler Senior Mackenzie Patton.

"My freshman year, i had a lot of fun and played around a lot."

She's learned you can have a good time -- but you can't forget about your responsibilities. Experts say one bad semester of grades can throw off your entire GPA.

"But you have to try to get a balance to starting to build your resume because if you just wait until the last two years, it's gonna be harder and harder."

Sophomore Katrina Tilaon said as you get involved in more and more activities -- and you're handling your own finances -- staying on top of dates, will make your life easier.

"You have to be on top of everything know the deadlines and they don't tell you a lot of things unless you ask, and that's what you need to be careful of," Tilaon said.

She said it's also a good idea to buddy up with an upper class man to get a good idea of what is expected of you.

"When new students start college it is excitement but it is nerves as well," said Adrian Lodge who works in student life at UT Tyler and helps organize student orientation.

"How college is different from high school, how things are gonna be what the classroom experience is gonna be, getting involved in activities outside of the classroom."

Tilaon says, for the most part, she's gotten the hang of college life, but she's still learning everyday.

"I switched to nursing... I was a chemistry major, then I wanted to be a biology major."


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