Concealed handgun licensing requirements could be changing

Concealed handgun licensing requirements could be changing

TYLER (KYTX) - The gun debate is an ongoing topic of discussion among government groups and Americans. There's a lot of bullets and opinions flying around Lock and Load Indoor Shooting Range.

Jackson Prater is a 14-year old IDPA competitor.

"It's the international defensive pistol association and what is does is, it almost brings out a live shoot out scenario in real life," said Prater.

He said some of the current government legislation doesn't make much sense.

One of the topics on the long list of gun control debates going on in the Texas house and senate focuses on concealed handgun licensing courses.

David Cruz doesn't have a gun license.

"But I'm considering getting one," said Cruz.

With the new legislation going through the Texas Senate, the National Rifle Association said the current concealed handgun class could possibly drop from the current 10 hour requirement to six and possible four.

Jay Carson is the concealed handgun license instructor at Lock and Load gun shop.

"In order to inform them of everything, that they actually need to be informed of, I think that you could possibly you could do it in six hours, I think four is going a little far," said Carson.

Cruz has only been shooting for a few years. He said the change would give him some extra time.

"For one it's gonna be least time, I mean more time you can spend at the range getting better."

Carson said, whatever comes he'll just wait for it.



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