Confession & capital murder charge in Kaufman County murders

Confession & capital murder charge in Kaufman County murders

Investigators in Kaufman County charged Kim Lene Williams with capital murder on Wednesday. Williams is the wife of former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace Eric Williams who was arrested Saturday and charged with making a terroristic threat after allegedly sending an email that threatened harm to additional county employees.

Kim Williams' charge is for the murders of Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse in January and the March murders of District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia.

News of a capital murder charge and a name to go with it seemed almost out of reach just a week ago. But court documents say Kim Williams confessed early Wednesday morning and told investigators her husband Eric was guilty too.

"Before Kim got so sick, she and I had conversations sitting on the porch numerous times," the Williams' next-door neighbor Richard Mohundro said on Monday. Mohundro told CBS 19 that Kim is extremely ill and has a hard time getting around. He said he didn't think she was involved.

Just a few doors down a former Dallas Police Officer named Ed Carol said he wasn't surprised to hear about the William's alleged involvement Wednesday. He never did believe it was the Aryan Brotherhood.

"It couldn't have possibly been a skinhead because the prosecutor carried a firearm and he wouldn't have let somebody that he thought was threatening get that close to him," Carol said.

Carol said his own experience solving cases tells him Kim was the bait when the McLellands were killed in March--maybe convincing Cynthia to open the door when if she wouldn't have normally.

"You might [open the door] to a woman that you knew that was frantic and upset, right? So I kind of thought that she had to be involved in it some way or another," Carol said.

Investigators would not comment on the case against Eric Williams Wednesday or the possibility of adding capital murder to his terroristic threat charge.

Carol said the news is good for the city.

"Several people have mentioned to me that they were very very pleased that this was coming down this way," he said. "But they were also a little upset that it was somebody in the neighborhood. Somebody that they kind of respected and looked up to and expected more from."

Calls to the Williams' attorney were met with refusals to comment by his receptionist.

Kim Williams is being held on $10 million bond. Eric is being held on $3 million bond.

Another press conference, with the promise of additional information from investigators, is scheduled for Thursday afternoon in Kaufman.


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