Congressman Louie Gohmert talks Libya security one month after attack

Updated: GLADEWATER (KYTX) -  Members of the Gladewater Lions and Rotary Clubs listened to Congressman Louie Gohmert speak about issues facing our nation today. The congressman says he's disenchanted with the way the U.S. has handled relations in the Middle East the past 3 years.

"Now we see Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, all of the countries falling into radical Islamic hands," Representative Gohmert said.

Thursday marks a month since the deadly attacks on a U.S. consulate in Libya, which killed 4 Americans. Gohmert criticizes the White House for not beefing up security there, despite warning signs.

"We had no business having an ambassador out there being exposed," Gohmert said. 

He and some other lawmakers, don't believe what was portrayed to the public was the whole truth. "We actually had people from the administration that watched it happen and then still came out and lied to us saying it was a protest gone bad over a video," Gohmert said.

He believes Al Qaeda is responsible for the attacks and what the Libyan Free Press calls the brutal torture of Ambassador Christopher Stevens before his death. "For what was done to our Ambassador, people should have to pay with their lives that brought that about," Gohmert said.

To see the full interview with Congressman Gohmert, click the video icon.


(KYTX) -- Congressman Louie Gohmert makes a stop in Gladewater today at the Rotary /Lion's Club meeting, speaking about health care and the upcoming election.

He also shares what he wants to change on President Obama's foreign policy, and where we went wrong in Libya leading up to the attack on the U.S. consulate.


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