Continuing education for faculty at UT Tyler

Continuing education for faculty at UT Tyler

TYLER (KYTX) - Students continue to learn throughout their time in school, but what about those who are teaching them?

The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation is going to be helping faculty move beyond the white board and even the projector to help get new ideas into the classroom and helping their students.

We all want to hone our skills, whether it be to get a job or on the job.

"They continue to get training and support, and help as they need it," says Julie Delello, an assistant professor at UT Tyler, and faculty fellow.

Delello is a faculty fellow for the Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation.

She knows technology is key in the classroom.

"We live in a digital generation and teach children, teach students in the way that they learn best. And they're very tech savvy," says Delello.

She'll be leading the way in innovative ways to change the curriculum, teaching other professors how to move forward, away from the typical lecture format.

Think of it as continuing education in education.

"We're going to provide training, mentorship, we're going to bring people in to talk to them. We are going to provide the resources that sometimes they feel like they may not have," says Delello.

"Think of this as a tool belt, so this gives them one more area that they can go to and say I just need a little bit more help on this area," says Scott Marzilli, the assistant vice president of academic innovation and student success at UT Tyler.

Marzilli says the top down approach has been something the school has been working to incorporate for years.

"Everything that we're doing is for student success, so one of the ways that we can insure our students are going to be successful is if we have the best faculty," says Marzilli.

"By creating motivation for the classroom, they're going to be more engaged. They're going to be more likely to be excited about what's being offered in the classroom," says Delello.

The center was opened last fall, and the fellows were announced in January. They're hoping it will make for a better experience for all the students who sit down in the classroom.

There will be 14 programs throughout the year for faculty to take part in, and the fellows will serve as mentors.

There also be assessments from the faculty to better serve them.


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