Could Texas grant ID's to people living illegally in United States

Could Texas grant ID's to people living illegally in United States

TYLER (KYTX) - As the immigration debate continues, New York has taken a step that allows people who've entered the US illegally to get identification cards. CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey spoke to east Texas Democrat and Republican representatives who weighed in on the likelihood of Texas adopting such a law.

Illegal immigration has helped usher in more than 11 million people. As the number grows, keeping track of them all has become a big job. Several cities across the country including San Francisco, Oakland and now New York are making it possible for those living in the US illegally to get identification.

Smith County Democratic party chairman David Henderson said even in Texas making id's available to undocumented people is the way to go.

"I think it's a good idea, for people to have a legal form of id that way you don't run into problems of mistaken identity," Henderson said.

However, he says granting ID's is a temporary fix for a bigger problem.

"We need a generally accepted federal policy of getting people identified, universally in some sort of standard for normalizing their residency in the united states."

Opponents like Smith County Republican party chairman Tim McCormick said allowing undocumented people to get ID's would make the illegal immigration problem worse.

"I don't believe we would see that being done in Texas, where undocumented immigrants or illegal immigrants would be getting an id."

As it currently stands, issuing ID's for those in the U.S. Illegally isn't a requirement.

"Anything that you're doing that says we're going to look the other way about you some area where you broke the law, but we're gonna go ahead and give you this is only encouraging more law breaking," McCormick said.

But each city could make its own vote.

Earlier this week, the pro-tem mayor of Austin backed a resolution that would, just like in New York, grant ID's to undocumented people living in the city. A vote on the resolution is expected to take place in early August.


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