Court docs: Winnsboro officer gave orders to "make sure" victims caught with drugs

Court docs: Winnsboro officer gave orders to "make sure" victims caught with drugs

Federal court documents released from the Eastern District of Texas reveal new details in the case of a Winnsboro Police captain who recently pleaded guilty to planting drugs in at least one car during a traffic stop.

Four years of lawsuits against the City of Winnsboro and Police Captain Roderick Hashaway came and went without the justice victims were looking for.

They all had one thing in common.

"Everything just started getting strange," Dustin Swann said of his experience in 2012. "They started searching us and ended up telling us they found drugs in the vehicle."

Swann said he and a co-worker were pulled over and nearly had their lives ruined as accused drug users. But from the beginning he knew crooked police work was the only illegal thing that happened that night.

"Everyone has passed their drug tests and passed their polygraph tests, and with the officers refusing to take one, to me, common sense would say something is out of the ordinary," Swann said.

Now--years later--a statement in a short three page court document tells the story, although it's not clear whose story it tells.

An un-named conspirator connected to Hashaway called to set up a traffic stop on October 6, 2008 and Hashaway said "make sure the car has dope in it."

The conspirator hid the meth under the driver's seat. Then the driver, with no clue that drugs have been hidden, blindly consented to a search of the car.

Eventually that victim was convicted of possession of methamphetamine--partly thanks to Hashaway testifying against him.

It was illegal, and this week Hashaway pleaded guilty in Federal court.

Now the question is whether it's too late clear the names of innocent victims.

"There's not telling how many people this happened to," Swann said.

Specific terms of Hashaway's plea agreement remained under seal Thursday.


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