CrossFitters stand strong to help Zach Nichols

CrossFitters stand strong to help Zach Nichols

TYLER (KYTX) - A community coming together to help an injured East Texan through physical activity.

Zach Nichols was in a head-on crash two weeks ago, leaving him in the hospital with severe injuries.

While Zach and his wife, Sarah, are in Temple at the Scott and White Hospital, a strong community has come to their aid.

The couple became members of CrossFit Tyler about a year ago.

That community, and the community of CrossFitters across the state is helping raise money to pay for their expenses.

Something necessary after such a terrible accident.

"There's no evidence of skid marks or anything like that. The full on impact was estimated at 140 miles per hour," says Sarah Nichols, Zach's wife.

The truck Zach Nichols was driving June 7th is unrecognizable after he was hit head-on by a wrong-way driver in Temple.

His wife Sarah rushed to the hospital.

"That was probably the worst part for me, when they wouldn't let him wake up But I kept telling myself that he's gong to wake up, not going to last forever," says Sarah.

Zach and Sarah have one child and another on the way.

The National Guard Reservist had a dozen procedures, repairing his pelvis, femur and other fractures.

The whole time, Sarah found support in the CrossFit community.

"Sarah came here while he went and served our country, so we were her family while he was gone and he recently came back and he was on his way to get certified to be a coach," says Amy Chesley, owner of CrossFit Tyler.

Chesley helped organize the fundraiser.

"We have Nacogdoches, Temple, Longview, Austin. It's amazing to see all the support. Everyone jumping on board and haven't really had to ask just put it on Facebook," says Chesley.

To help raise money you can buy a bracelet, or do the workout.

It includes gymnastics movements, hump rope and lifting.

Things Zach loves to do.

"We have a unique relationship, when someone's in need, we just all jump on board," says Chesley.

CrossFit gyms across the state are standing strong behind the Nichols family.

"The CrossFit community, and their support and the constant outpouring of support, never stops. Like a tether to keep up in our reality and hoping and praying and looking forward," says Sarah.

Looking forward to when he can get up and move like normal again.

Sarah told us today, Zach's already putting his strength to use, trying to do as much as he can so he can get home more quickly to see his little boy and so Sarah can have a break too.

You can make donations at any Bancorp South bank in Texas under the Zach Nichols Foundation.


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