Customer Finds Live Rat in Killeen Restaurant

(KCEN) -- A rat in a Killeen restaurant has customers demanding the problem be addressed.

People eating at the CiCi's Pizza on South Fort Hood Street over the weekend came across one of the rodents.

It happened Saturday when a group of customers were just sitting down to enjoy their meal.

One of them caught movement out of the corner of their eye. And what that person found, sent people back to counter for a refund.

It wasn't Kristy Campbell's first time to eat at CiCi's Pizza in Killeen, but it may be her last.

"My experience at CiCi's Saturday night is one I don't think I'll be forgetting anytime soon," said Campbell.

She was just sitting down to eat when she noticed something moving.

"I see something out of the corner of my eye and I'm like huh, not too worried about it, go back to eating and I see it move again," she said.

This time, she gets up to get a closer look.

What she found was a large, very alive rat drinking liquid off the counter underneath the restaurant's soda fountain machine.

"People coming to and from, the rat was unphased. It just sat there and it looked at people and then it turned around. I was like oh my goodness!"

They got back their money, but they also had their evidence

And on Monday, Campbell took that evidence to officials at the Bell County Public Health District.

Come to find out, she wasn't the first.

"We got two separate complaints, two phone calls. Don't know if they were from the same people, same group or if it was two separate incidences, two separate people at the same time," said Food Sanitation Supervisor George Highsmith.

George Highsmith is the Health District's Food Sanitation supervisor.

He followed up on the complaints the very next day.

His inspection of the restaurant came back clean, but he says the manager did inform him that a rat was recently caught in a snaptrap.

"They did catch one. Since then, they've also had another trap deployed. There have been no other catchings," said Highsmith.

Highsmith suspects the incident is isolated, but either way, Campbell says for now she plans to stay away.

CiCi's issued us a statement Wednesday in response to the complaints.

In part the restaurant says, "At CiCi's, quality and cleanliness are our top priorities.when we learned there may be a problem at the Killeen location, CiCi's management took immediate action to investigate and resolve any potential issues."

The restaurant was voluntarily closed and a thorough evaluation was conducted.

It has since been reopened.


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