Daingerfield Community Comes Together for Area Doctor

Petitions, rallies, and facebook pages, all in support of a man who had his medical license revoked in November.

William Glass and his wife say the board made a mistake.

"The board is suppose to look out for patients, the board thinks they're doing good here, but I don't know of a single person they've helped" - William Glass, Patient for 18 years.

Doctor Roderick Mitchell has been practicing in Morris County for over 30 years, but on November 30th the Texas Medical Board revoked his license, stating Mitchell failed to meet the standard of care and did not maintain adequate medical records.

But from the sound of the hundreds in attendance at Daingerfield High School and the 300 plus signatures on this petition, the community disagrees. Doctor Mitchell says his patients are his priority.

"I'm not afraid of any of the decisions that I've made. I am not afraid at the grocery store and can interact with my patients." - Dr. Mitchell

"Patients, colleagues, and others from the community came out in support of Dr. Mitchell and that's the reason he decides to stay right here. - Kevin Boyce

"I grew up here, I love my patients, and this is my hometown, so I decided to come back." - Mitchell

Event organizer Tim Thornton says the community not only wants him back but needs him back.

"He's a Doctor everybody knows, he could be in a big city making a lot more money but he decides to stay here and help the community help." - Thornton

And patients like Jerry Baker agree.

"We just need him back really bad"

In Daingerfield, I'm Kevin Boyce, KYTX CBS 19 News.


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