Daingerfield Group Protests in Austin

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - 120 people with lunch and waters in hand.

Filled 2 buses in Daingerfield to head out to Austin and fight for this man, Dr. Roderick Mitchell.
   A man they say does more than write prescriptions.

   "I lost my husband 16 years ago, I went through a depressing time and he was a great doctor" - Sherry Thomas

 The Texas Medical Board revoked Dr. Mitchell's license in November saying he failed to meet the required standard of care and did not maintain adequate medical records.

   Sherry Thomas thinks the board made a huge mistake.
   "We don't think the state did us right. They think they're punishing him. But they're actually punishing us" - Sherry Thomas

   The group  made Facebook pages, held rallies, and have now taken their argument to the capital and handed representatives a petition with over 860 signatures.

   They hope lawmakers will get the Medical Board to reconsider.
   Dr. Mitchell was not available Thursday, but in the past he's told us how much he appreciates the support.

   "It does mean a lot to him, he just wants to get back into practice to help his patients."
   "the supporters don't expect to be back until 11 tonight but they say it's worth it for Dr. Mitchell."

   "We are here to get our Doctor back" - Sherry Thomas
  Members of the group say they'll keep fighting until they get their Doctor back.
    In Daingerfield, Morris County, I'm Kevin Boyce KYTX CBS 19 News.


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