Dangerous Snakes Seized from Houston Home

(CNN) -- The SPCA took away a Houston woman's unusual housemates on Wednesday... Snakes!

Not just, one, or two, but more than a dozen of them.

A ball python was one of 15 pythons and boa constrictors seized from the house. Officials say that these are dangerous.

"They're still a wild animal. And so, under the right circumstances any of them could be dangerous, especially these large ones. I believe they could be capable of killing a person," said Alan Rosen from Harris County Constable's Office.

Snakes like this typically eat live chickens or rabbits. And law enforcement authorities shuddered to think what might have happened if a child had wandered into the house. The owner, they say, tried to care for them, but many of the snakes appeared malnourished.

"The animals were in bad shape. One has a broken back that she has to actually put around her stomach in order for the snake to use the restroom properly," said Meera Nadlal from Houston SPCA.

Zoo officials were called in as consultants for this unusual seizure. And the SPCA has spent days building special cages for these long and large snakes.

"Well, these were constricting snakes, so we're going to take them back to an undisclosed location and we're going to look these animals over and they're going to be properly cared for," Nadlal says.

The woman who owned the snakes didn't want to talk publicly. Authorities say she's upset because she's lost her longtime house companions.



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