'Dangerous' Typhoon Rammasun takes aim on China

 (USA TODAY)- An intensifying Typhoon Rammasun, now packing winds estimated at up to 140 mph, is taking aim on southeastern China.

A landfall in Hainan province is forecast for Friday. It should hit with winds of at least 127 mph, making it equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

WeatherBell meteorologist Ryan Maue said the storm has "rapidly intensified," and is now a "very dangerous" typhoon.

Widespread wind damage is expected across northern Hainan, as well as the Leizhou Peninsula to the north, predicts AccuWeather meteorologist Eric Leister.

Flooding rain, mudslides and coastal storm surge will also be risks associated with Rammasun, he added. It will also impact northern Vietnam late Friday night into Saturday.

Hong Kong will remain far enough to the north, that any impacts will be limited to higher surf and a few downpours and gusty winds.

The storm killed at least 40 people in the Philippines earlier this week.

Heavy rains and landslides over the past week have killed at least 45 people in southern China and left 21 others missing, the country's Ministry of Civil Affairs and an official said Thursday.

Typhoons are the same type of storms as hurricanes. They form over the Pacific Ocean north of the equator, and west of the International Date Line.


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