Dealers react to GM Recalls

Dealers react to GM Recalls

(Jacksonville) KYTX --  It's a banner year for General Motors-- but not one to celebrate.  The automaker has racked up 29 separate recalls so far this year, a record.

"Certainly customers have asked what's going on with this recall what's going on with that recall," Dean Cagle, Manager at Bacon Auto Country in Jacksonville, said.

With 11 recall announcements in a week - it's a valid question. The latest on the list are Chevy subcompact cars, but local car dealers say not to worry.

"The people that have them are not in any danger they just need to bring them in to get them fixed," Cagle said.
He believes GM's proactive approach has held off backlash.  
"They've been very expedient in getting us the parts to fix them and there hadn't been any real issues with us other than just questions is my car safe to drive," Cagle said.
Karen Massey and her husband both plan to stick by the brand.

"It's common to have recalls. You're talking about mass vehicles being run off a line and things happen," Massey said.
But not everyone is brushing off the recalls.
"I buy my cars based on the track record of reliability. When I buy a car I want one that I want to drive, not spend my time in the shop with it," Marvin Mayer said.


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