Dealing with hair loss as a woman

For most women It's literally their crowning glory and what sets them a part from other women. We're talking about hair.  


But when that hair thins - and starts to fall out - it can be embarrassing.

CBS 19s Amanda Robertson shows us that women dealing with it aren't as alone as they may think.

An unusual clump of hair in your comb - more hair blocking the bathroom drain - or hair getting thinner in general.

They're some of the first signs that a woman may have unexpected hair loss.

But millions of women notice the same thing - and there can be just as many reasons and treatments for female hair loss and baldness.

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair"

From Rapunzel's long golden locks to Farrah's wings... Women - both real and fictional - are known by their hair.

But what about when that hair goes away?

"Society does not accept women with hair loss."

Julie has battled female hair loss all her life - and says thinning hair makes every day a challenge.

"On windy days I would run. When you have thin hair you don't want to be outside on a windy day, you want to be inside where no one notices the thin hair."

Julie's mother and aunt also battle female baldness.

"I tried everything. I went to dermatologist, endrocronologist, I tried Rogaine. I got prescriptions for topical solutions, I took cortozone injections, I took hormones, nothing helped."

That's why Julie turned to hair enhancement treatment ... And specialist Mike Mahoney.

"It's normal for people to lose anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs a day but what's not normal is when those hairs are not being replaced by new hairs."

Mahoney works for positive hair solutions, in Tyler.

He says 21 million women have androgenetic alopetia - a common form of genetic female pattern hair loss.

"It's progressive, and it comes on very slow. If a woman's going through lets say very sudden hair loss, that's something where she should definitely see a physician right away because normal female pattern hair loss isn't sudden, it's very subtle."


"But what if people in your family don't have hair loss and it's not something that develops over time? Medications, illnesses, stresses, sometimes autoimmune processes, are just some of the reasons women may lose more hair."

"Now certainly shouldn't expect to have big bad areas but usually around 40 is when women notice the texture or thickness of their hair does begin to decline."

Doctor Jenni Holman is with dermatology associates of Tyler. She says if a woman notices extra hair loss - it's never to soon to get it checked out.

But women shouldn't worry too much if there are just a few extra hairs in their brush - or in the drain.

"If that continues to where every day you feel like there's hair everywhere or you're having to constantly clean out your shower drain, those kind of things, often that's a response to medication or stress and you sometimes have to let your body heal itself."

Post pregnancy and premenopausal women - as well as women who have a low protein count or are anorexic are common candidates for extra hair loss.

"Some of those things can be treated with medications - either topical or oral or shots and then a lot of times if it is age and hormonally related."

But for women like Julie - more complicated treatments like hair enhancement aren't something to be shy about.

"Now we have so much flexibility, we can have any hair we want. Bottom line is we have our hair."

New hair - and a new lease on life.

"Now I don't mind having my picture taken and I'm not afraid of windy days."

If you do notice extra hair falling out but don't want to go to the doctor just yet - dermatologist suggest looking at your history.

Stress, illness, medication and a change in diet can cause your hair to become less healthy and thin too.

Back to you.

Out of the 80 million men and women who have unexpected hair loss and baldness - about 21 million of those women turn to treatment facilities like positive hair solutions.


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