Delivery businesses battle rising gas prices

TYLER (KYTX) - Gas prices have spiked 17 cents, just in the last week, causing some serious headaches for companies that rely on transportation every day.

The first type of company that comes to many minds is a taxi company. Filling a typical taxi up costs about $60 - $70, and many drivers gas up twice a day.

It's not just taxi drivers that are suffering. Think of all the companies that rely on deliveries to make a profit. They're following some money saving steps that you could use too.

Unusually high February gas prices are making flower deliveries even more stressful during the busiest time of the year - Valentine's Day.

"This year we're trying to deliver as fast as we can, because a lot of times men, they wait until the last minute!" says LouAnn Green, the owner of Flowers by LouAnn.

She says her flower business runs almost entirely on deliveries.

"We're just trying to deal with the struggles of the gas prices the best we can."

That can be difficult when the delivery van costs $80 to fill up!

"We charge the same price for delivery as we do all year long even though we have so many more," Green says.

Keeping her customers happy with affordable delivery prices, can mean a hit to her pocketbook.

"It hurts," Green said. "The gas going up has made a big difference. We just try to route all of our deliveries as we can together and just go out like four times a day."

Something delivery companies always make sure to do that could help you personally when dealing with these gas prices, is to make sure you keep your vehicle up to date on maintenance. Checking tire pressure and things like that can save you some money at the pump.

"Oil changes, and the transmission fluid, we have to change that regularly, we have our regular scheduled maintenance because that really does make a difference on the gas mileage we get," Green said.

Saving that extra money means less stress for her while she's playing cupid this Valentine's Day.

AAA says lightening the load in your car can also save you gas money, as well as going easy on the pedals while you're driving.

The City of Tyler has actually allowed taxi companies to charge customers an extra 50 cents a ride, because these gas prices are becoming hard to handle.

Thanks to an oil and gas production boom in the U.S., peak gas prices are expected to top out somewhere between $3.50 and $3.90 a gallon this year, which is lower than last year.


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