Despite arrest, investigation into death of Greenville teen continues


UPDATE: GREENVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) Michael Moore was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the killing of his niece, 16-year old Alicia Moore of Greenville. Now, in an exclusive jailhouse interview with KRLD's L.P. Phillips, Michael Moore is adamantly denying his involvement in the murder.

"No, I didn't murder Alicia. I loved Alicia," said Michael Moore. "I wanted to help her. She had some mental problems and I wanted to help her. She has some sexual problems. She was addicted to sex."

Alicia Moore's body was found inside a trunk alongside FM 47 in Van Zandt County on Nov. 6, just four days after the teenager disappeared after getting off her school bus about a block from home.

Sources say that DNA found on Alicia's body ultimately linked the murder to 57-year-old Michael Moore.  But Moore, who is being held on $10 million bond, claims that if DNA was found on the teenager's body, it was planted.

"Who is going to believe me over the U.S. Marshals and the FBI? Nobody's going to believe me. If there's my DNA on her body, then they put it there."

Michael Moore also claims to have an alibi, saying he was in Grand Prairie with his dad on the Friday his niece disappeared.

"I was home that Thursday and Friday. My car was broken down. I didn't fix my car until Saturday."

Michael Moore also revealed that he was investigated as a suspect in the murder of a child in California. He says police ultimately looked elsewhere, and another man was convicted of the crime.

The Texas Rangers arrested Moore on Monday night at his home in Grand Prairie.

"I wasn't surprised when they came to arrest me. No I wasn't."

While Moore wasn't surprised by the arrest, members of the family were shocked.

"We're glad it's an arrest, but we're just shocked about the person who they arrested," said Alicia's aunt, Jessica Byrd. "Would have never thought it is my uncle, but if that's what the DNA say, that's what the DNA say."


VAN ZANDT COUNTY (TYLER MORNING TELEGRAPH) - Van Zandt County and Greenville Police issued this press release today concerning the case of Alicia Moore, the Greenville teen found in a trunk murdered last year:

While the arrest of (her uncle) Michael Moore signifies a material step in our investigation into the disappearance and murder of Alicia Moore, our investigation is still ongoing.

Despite the discovery of DNA evidence linking him to this crime, we anticipate the discovery of additional evidence that will further implicate Michael Vincent Moore in the murder of his 16-year-old niece.

We have gathered items of interest during the execution of a search warrant at Mr. Moore's residence, and we are currently analyzing those items to determine their evidentiary value.

We will also continue to pursue other investigative leads until we have gathered as much evidence as possible in this case.

Therefore, until we conclude our investigation, we will continue to restrict the release of sensitive information in this case.

We are working as quickly and as diligently as possible to bring this case to a close for Alicia and for her family. While we would like to share more information at this time, doing so could compromise our investigation and jeopardize a subsequent prosecution.



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