Discolored water in Troup said to be safe for residents

Discolored water in Troup said to be safe for residents

TROUP (KYTX) - Concerns over yellow or brown tinted water in Troup.

As we first told you yesterday, people are worried about safety.

Many people we spoke to say they refuse to drink the water because it just doesn't look safe.

The city of Troup says there's nothing to worry about, no contamination, it will just take time to clean the color out of the pipes.

There's something just below the surface in Troup that people say isn't quite right.

"Water is brown and the toilets are very brown," says Nancy Roblow, who manages rental houses in Troup.

She's seen that murky color for months.

"Most people talk to say it's yellow and won't drink any water here in Troup. Buy bottled water, they say it scares them," says Roblow.

"Definitely won't drink it," say Mike Shirey who moved into a house in Troup in December with his family.

It wasn't long before Shirey noticed the water issue, too.

"My wife does boil the water, if she's going to use it for cooking, she boils it first," says Shirey.

The city administrator, Gene Cottle, says the took well number 2 offline for renovations two months ago, leaving only the older well up and running.

"The water has been tested. It is safe. The discoloration comes from the natural water coming from the well," says Cottle.

Those with the city say now well number 2 is back up and running.

And as the clear water from that well mixes with the other water already in the lines, the strange color should slowly go away.

Those still dealing with the issue hope it happens soon.

"Considering our water bill runs about $100 a month," says Shirey.

Cottle says it could take up to 30 more days for the lines to clear completely.

We did speak with some people off camera who said they're even afraid to wash their dishes or bathe in the water because of the color.

Cottle says the renovations started over 2 months ago.

It's just a slow process because the system is old and only flows one direction, so it takes a long time to clear out.

That renovation project to the above ground storage tank cost the city about $170,000.

Cottle says the old well, number one, is at least 50 to 60 years old.


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