Dog with embedded collar facing being euthanized gets adopted

Dog with embedded collar facing being euthanized gets adopted

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - It was a happy ending for one Longview pooch. Nick the dog, has been adopted. We first told you about Nick in February. Back then he was still in bad shape after he was found neglected and abused -- with a collar embedded in his neck.

After surgery and going months without being adopted, nick was a day away from being euthanized. CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey was there when someone stepped up to save Nick's life.

In January, Nick the dog was brought to the Humane Society of Northeast Texas -- which is almost always filled to capacity.

He was fostered for a short time and brought back. Sadly many unwanted pets must be euthanized.

Although nick was adopted dozens of other animals aren't so lucky.

"This is the success that keeps you coming back and trying for more, we just wish it would happen more frequently," said Human Society director Scott Holloway.

Nearly half a year ago this golden boy was found in pretty bad shape. It's not clear on when the collar was put on Nick, but as he grew his flesh grew around it.

After undergoing surgery and laser treatments he went to a foster home.  After his time ran out there...he found himself back at humane society.

"He is a loving dog he's very affectionate," said Holloway.

Although he's a happy boy now -- with hundreds of animals brought in each month... the shelter couldn't keep him.

"All I know he was gonna be euthanized tomorrow and she wasn't ok with that and i wasn't ok with that."

That's where Nick's rescuer ...Nicole Nelms and her mother factor in.

"She was crying and sobbing and i know that tone in here voice...she really wanted him and i had to get him."

Nelms is picking Nick up -- and her mother will raise him in Lufkin.

But the delay in nick's adoption shines a light big issue. With a full shelter and few adoptions -- many animals must be euthanized..

Holloway said,"  "I look forward to a time when we won't have to do that anymore."

People just aren't coming in -- helping the shelter meet its monthly pet adoption goals..

"Somebody else is being put to sleep and that's the bad thing," he said.

Shelter reps say if they could just get more pet foster homes and volunteers, for many of the animals, their futures will be brighter.

Thanks to this caring family... Nick's life will continue...

A new animal shelter with more space will be built in Longview -- but there's no word how long it will take before that is complete.

Shelter reps say having foster parents for dogs can extend their lives and give them more time to find a family, while making room for other pets at the shelter.


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