Domestic violence aid increases in 2012

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - Domestic violence is usually an issue people like to keep hidden and to themselves, but in 20-12 the Women's center of east Texas says that the number of people they've helped doubled from the year before. That means both men and women trapped in abusive relationships, are getting help."    

"I wanted to die to get out of it."
  Kleva George was a victim of domestic violence.  She says she knows all too well the challenges of finding help.
 "One step, find one step, one door that you can go out to find a little piece of yourself."
But after prison, and many years of trying to numb the pain with drugs and alcohol, George says - she now has peace of mind.
 "For the past 30 plus years we have served all victims of family violence and sexual assault, not just women."
 Shannon Trest is the Executive Director of the Women's Center of East Texas.
  She says it's not just women, looking for help, the number of men they help has doubled.
 "Abuse knows no gender."
  Trest says there are signs to look for that can help identify an unhealthy or violent relationship.
Some of those signs are:
  1. Rough physical treatment
  2. quick attachment or expression of love  
  3. frightening temper 
  4. isolation from friends and family  * *discouragement of hobbies and interests   
  5. he/she panics at the mention of ending the relationship    
  6. public embarrassment                                                                                                           "Abuse is always based on power and control."
 The same goes for same sex relationships.
  Trest credits the many options available today, the Women's Center, the D.A.'s office, Child Advocacy Centers and Hope's Closet just to name a few.
 "The situation is a hard thing to get out of, you have to really want to get out of it."
Trest says abuse remains a huge issue in our society...
The center works toward giving not only women but men the proper tools to know what a healthy relationship looks like.


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