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TYLER (KYTX) - It may be time to review your car insurance policy if you haven't in a while. You could be missing out on some easy-to-get discounts.

Experts say there are lots of discounts out there. You just have to be proactive about getting them.

Analysts from compared discounts from the top 10 car insurance carriers. They found some discounts were pretty standard, others are a little more uncommon.

The cost of owning a car is only getting more expensive, and who knows if we'll ever see gas stay below $3 per gallon.

"Today, is $63.25."

Bobby Sanders remembers a time when it was a lot cheaper to drive.

"It was 89 cents when I started driving. 89 cents. Times have changed real bad. It's a lot."

That's why he says discounts on his car insurance are so important.

"Anything- even if it's 10%, you know 1%, that's better in helping me with the gas pump."

"We looked at the top 10 car insurers and we found, for example, all of them offer a discount for what's called 'bundling.' That's when you have other policies with the same company."

Doug Whiteman and a team of analysts from found that discounts for good students and clean driving records are also pretty common.

"We did find some rare discounts." he says. "The industry is very, very competitive, and discounts are some of the ways the insurance companies try to stand out."

One of the more unique discounts is for new parents.

"Because the feeling is that new parents have an incentive to be safer drivers." he says. "They have children to protect in the car now. Another one that's a little more rare is a discount if your car has daytime running lights."

Whiteman says some of the major carriers also offer discounts for paperless billing and retirees. They say do your research, and you'll get the best deal possible.

Discounts may be different from state to state.


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