Drive Clean Across Texas

Drive Clean Across Texas

TYLER (KYTX) -   TxDOT is launching its Drive Clean Across Texas campaign just in time for the dog days of summer. TxDOT  is encouraging all drivers to be more conscious of our air quality as we hit the road this summer. Experts say keeping on schedule with oil changes and making sure your tires are at the right pressure can really go a long way in helping out our environment.

"Whenever you see the foggy haze in the air when the sun's coming up, that is vehicle emissions. That is all of our emissions that we put out.  

Emissions deplete our ozone layer." says Mike Spier with All Tune and Lube in Tyler.

He says we can cut down on emissions by taking care of our cars.

"The more of a load or strain that you put on a motor, obviously the more emissions that it's going to produce. It's having to work twice as hard than what it should. So, maintaining all the proper maintenance intervals on your vehicle, not only does it reduce emissions, obviously it's going to help your gas mileage."

Part of proper maintenance is staying regular with oil changes.

"This filter is a primary example of one that hasn't been serviced properly." says Spier. "When we do an oil change, we always check the basic maintenance items. We check all the filters, all the belts, all the hoses, we check the air pressures in the tires. And then, we do a thorough lookover."

The owner's manual will tell you your car's recommended maintenance schedule.

"This serpentine belt right here, although it's an older belt, it's in great shape."


TxDOT says we should check our tire pressure at least once a month. Spier recommends buying an air pressure gauge.

"You can buy them at any dollar store. I think these are like three or four dollars."


The digital readout takes seconds.

"Pull your cap off and just set it on there. This one's set at 32.5 psi, which is exactly where we like to see them."

If you don't have enough air, Spier says there's more tire riding on the ground. This creates resistance. Too much air and it's like a balloon waiting to pop.

TxDOT says another way to drive clean is to obey the speed limit and lighten your car's load. Take out anything you don't need, especially if you have heavy items in your trunk or on your roof rack. 

TxDOT says we should also make sure our gas caps are tightened down. That way, gas doesn't leak and absorb into the air.


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