Driver dumps dogs in median of busy highway

HOUSTON (KHOU) - In the backyard of their townhouse, Rachel and Marshall Davis now have some unexpected company.

Two friendly dogs run around the patch of grass and the picnic table behind their northwest Houston home. One of them is a lively mix of corgi and shepherd that a veterinarian figures is four years old. Lhasa Apso is cuddly but somewhat shy, a two-year old suffering with heartworms that spends a lot of time lying in the shade.

"They're just so sweet and lovable," Rachel said.

So sweet and lovable that she can't believe anybody would dump them out of a car on a busy state highway.

"I'm shocked," said Marshall. "Sad. Couldn't believe that someone would do something like that, especially to these two guys."

On Saturday evening around 7:15, the Davises were driving southbound on State Highway 249 just south of the Sam Houston Parkway. It's a busy stretch of road where opposing lanes of traffic are separated by a small strip of flat and painted concrete that passes for a median.

Somebody pulled up to a stoplight, opened the door on his vehicle and dumped the two dogs into the median. As other drivers slowed and stopped to dodge the animals in the road, the driver who abandoned the pets drove away.

"It was heartbreaking," said Rachel. "Completely heartbreaking. I don't understand how anyone could ever treat an animal that way."

The dogs reacted differently. The larger and livelier of the pair immediately ran to the Davis' car.

"Whenever we had pulled over, I had just rolled down my window and called him and he went straight for the car," said Rachel. "Marshall, unfortunately, had to go after the other one a little bit. But we were able to get them in the car and they've been nothing but sweet ever since."

The Davises cleaned the dogs up and took them to a veterinarian, who discovered the smaller animal suffered from heartworms. They appear to have been treated well in the past, although neither of them had ID chips, so Marshall speculates they may have been stolen by a thief who later decided to abandon them.

"We've got two dogs already, so our house is full," said Marshall. "Our dogs have been very patient with us, but I don't think they would be happy with us to get two more dogs."

The Davises are working with animal rescue groups to try to find the abandoned pets a new home. Click here to visit their Facebook page.


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