Dundee Road Congestion

Traffic headaches, a problem all too common for people living on Dundee Road.

It isn't even a mile long but connects two Longview arteries, Pine Tree and Gilmer Roads.

LeTricia Tejeda who's house is just feet from Dundee says it is too tough just getting out of the driveway.

"It probably takes me 5 to 10 minutes to get out of the driveway"

Kevin:"and that's just the driveway?

"Just the driveway" - LeTricia Tejeda

Tejeda along with the rest of her community would like to see improvements' so much so they brought it before city council earlier this month.

Tejeda says that during rush hour,  she is afraid to let her grand kids take one step outside

KEVIN  "Do you guys let them come out and play?"

"NO, not unless we are right here!"- LeTricia Tejeda

The city had plans to widen the road  but decided against it. Not only was the 6 million dollar price tag too much but some residents had a problem losing a piece of their front yard. Letricia says it would be worth it.

"I definitely think it should be widened, Just for it to be bigger and for not as much traffic , so I can get in and out"

City council will discuss other improvement options at their next meeting like adding a third lane at certain intersections.

Those who live here just hope something is done soon to end their traffic nightmare.

In Longview, Gregg County, I'm Kevin Boyce, KYTX CBS 19.



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