Early morning fire damages Smith County home

Early morning fire damages Smith County home

A Chapel Hill family escaped their burning home with no injuries and a grateful outlook Tuesday morning. As they spent the day cleaning up, they learned how kind people can be.

When the sun came up it was time to survey the damage to a house that's been home for twelve years.

"It still seems unreal," Bobby Hester said.

Hester built the place--and at first he hoped he could save it. He and his wife had been in bed just after midnight when something woke them up. They wondered why the electricity was out.

"And while all that was going on my wife opened up the mini-blinds in the dining room," he said. "There was a bright light out in the yard and we stepped outside to investigate and the house was on fire. It was already raging pretty good. So we woke our daughter up and we got out."

They managed to save the trucks and the motorcycles. As they figure what to do now, Hester and his wife said those Harleys will be therapy but the fuel will be prayer.

"This happened for a reason," Hester said. "And I hope God gives me the wisdom and the knowledge to understand exactly what it is."

As the day went by, there were small victories. Like the valuables protected by a safe the Hesters never expected to test. There were also unexpected guests.

"People who don't even know us, who realize what has happened to us that have stopped to offer their money, their time," Hester said.

Hester said realizing there's still good in the world is just part of how he and his family will move on.

"We've got each other, we're still together, and that's what's important my friend," Hester said. "That's what's important. We'll just rebuild and everything's going to be alright here. I'm sure of that. Positive of that."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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