Early osteoporosis prevention


TYLER (KYTX) - An estimated ten million Americans have the bone condition Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis, is a condition where the bones become significantly weaker, and predominantly affects women after menopause.

But, don't wait until you're older to think about your bone health. Here's why.

"People should recognize that bone is living tissue and during teenage years and young adulthood, we're actually in a phase of building bone," said Endocrinologist, Dr. Patrick Bowen.


Experts say healthy lifestyle choices in your younger years are essential for strong bones in both men and women. Those include not smoking and limiting your alcohol.

Weight training and weight-bearing exercises protect your skeleton and improve balance, too.

"Exercises like jogging, jumping rope, playing tennis, or hiking would be best for bone health," said Bowen.

Doctors say foods are the best source of calcium.

This includes low-fat dairy, green vegetables and nuts. Good habits to protect your bones for a lifetime.

Doctors also recommend one thousand milligrams of calcium a day and four hundred to eight hundred international units of vitamin D.

They say this can come from a combination of foods and supplements.


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