Easing STAAR test stress


TYLER (KYTX) - Many students in public schools across Texas have been preparing for it all year. And next week, they'll finally take the STAAR test.  That stands for State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. It's used to measure a student's proficiency in school.

This can be a stressful time for families, but there are some ways to ease that stress.

Students face a lot of pressure to perform well on these benchmark tests, but psychologists at Cook Children's Behavioral Health say parents can help their children prepare ahead of time.

One of the most important things you can do is make sure your child is getting plenty of rest, exercise and healthy foods. And, try to limit their distractions.

"I feel Peyton is going to do very well in STAAR."
Whitehouse ISD parent Kevin Meyer says he's confident in his sixth grader's test taking ability.

"He took the practice test and did very well on the practice test. He never really studied for it. I think the teachers and the administrators there in Whitehouse have prepared the students very well for what they needed to accomplish on the STAAR test."

Meyer says sticking to a schedule at home has been helpful for his son.

"Peyton is a very routine oriented kid. I don't think we're going to change our routine very much at all. You know, still going to bed at the times he's always been going to bed and a great breakfast in the morning is what we always have done just to prepare him for another day of school."
Experts say if your child is still having some anxiety, encourage deep breathing exercises and remind them that nobody is perfect and it's ok to make mistakes.

"We try to instill in Peyton that, just do your best everyday, and then when days like this come around, it's just another day. And, I think that works well for him."


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