East Texans complain about calls from computer scammers

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - Most families these days have computers.And the East Texas Better Business Bureau in Longview says scammers are trying to target them.

   The Better Business Bureau says scammers are targeting older people who aren't so tech savvy, in hopes that they will follow over-the-phone instructions, giving them access to all of the information in their computer and even charging them for the phony service.
  The past few weeks Judy Rockroth and her neighbors have been getting strange calls.
 "I just kept saying hello but no one answered, so I just hung up."
Then a few days later she got another call.
 "He said that he was a Windows technician and that he had access to my computer."
He said her computer was about to crash and he could help.
 "He said that if I just went to my computer that he would take me through and correct the problem for me."
The BBB says in this process, the caller gets valuable information to hack into your computer,  If you fall for it.
 The Better Business Bureau says that these callers are calling with a South Asian accent and that they call with a little noise in the background so it appears as though they're calling from a call center. The BBB says if consumers just hang up without following the steps, they're likely to call back."
Judy hung up twice, but  when the scammer called a 3rd time she had a few questions.
"Who he was, how do you have access and his telephone number and I asked to talk to his supervisor."
   We called the number this man gave Judy, And got a  disconnected number.
  The BBB says if you receive one of these phony tech support calls, to keep the following tips in mind:

  1.   Computer and software companies do not make unsolicited calls offering tech support.
  2.   Don't follow the caller's instructions.
  3.   Never share any  personal information.

   Rockroth avoided getting scammed..

"Tell them that you'll look into it, but do not tell them anything."

The BBB says during the holidays scams increase as more crooks look to make a buck.


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