East Texans gather to protest anti-Syria strike

East Texans gather to protest anti-Syria strike

TYLER (KYTX) - Protesters gather at the busy corner of Broadway and Loop 323 in Tyler with a simple message written in bold print: "Hands Off Syria".

"Historically we've been the united states of amnesia and every time that we have an intervention there's always some unIntended consequence," said protest organizer Joseph Yazdanpanahi.

He's a part of the non-partisan group Tyler Liberty Alliance.

"We want to promote awareness that us in Tyler for the most part does not support intervention in Syria," said Yazdanpanahi.

The group of about 50 protesters stood with signs in hand hoping to be seen and heard, and that Texas leaders like Louie Goemert and Ted Cruz will take notice.

"America doesn't need to go help another war that's not gonna do us any good," said protester Emma Rolland. 

She and her family are just part of the growing number of Americans with concerns that congress, at the presidents request, will approve a military strike against Syria as a punishment for the chemical weapons that were allegedly used against Syrian women and children by the Syrian government.

Rolland said it' sad to hear that Syrian children were killed, but it's not a debt Americans need to pay.
"Not at the cost of American lives because too many of those have already been sacrificed," Rolland said.

Meantime, Yazdanpanahi said American intervention won't change anything for the better.

"Spreading democracy by launching a missiles and blowing some people up, I don't know how that's gonna decrease chemical attacks."


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