East Texans in storms without power rely on disaster kits

TYLER (KYTX) - As wind and rain pound East Texas, Cari Claiborne thinks back to a similar storm last July. Proof of its destruction stands right in her front yard.

"I was not prepared at all," she said. "We didn't have anything set aside, any water, supplies or anything like that for a power outage, or a tree falling, which is what happened last time."

The mother of three says storms like this have wreaked havoc on her home.

"We had a tree fall one time and demolish the backyard and destroy my kids' trampoline."

It left her family without power for three days.

"It was a disaster," she said.

It was a disaster she never wants to deal with again.

She had her survival kit ready today as she kept an eye on the tornado warnings and heavy rains across East Texas.

"We have a thing of water, we have a little first aid kit that we keep with us, this is a battery operated lantern, we have matches, and batteries," Claiborne says.

Something a lot of us forget about when we're preparing for severe weather is to keep our cell phones charged. You should always keep a car charger in your car. If you have a power outage, Oncor representatives say you can text them your service call

Charles Hill with Oncor in Tyler says, "Most of the day today we've spent just fighting trees - trees in the power lines."

Charles hill with Oncor says to make sure you write down your electric company's number, in case you lose power and need to report your outage.

Hill says crews will be working through the night and into tomorrow to restore power to the East Texas area.


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