East Texans, lawmakers glad assault weapon ban dropped

East Texans, lawmakers glad assault weapon ban dropped

TYLER (KYTX) - Gun rights activists breathing a sigh of relief Tuesday after senate majority leader Harry Reid announced a ban on assault weapons will not be included in the proposed gun control bill.

The gun control legislation would still do a lot, but there wasn't enough support for the assault weapons ban. 60 senate votes are needed to move the ban past the debate stage.

Reid says the ban would only have about 40 votes right now. So democrats pulled it, hoping the rest of the bill would go through.

Tyler man Kevin Paul is happy that the controversial and bold proposal to ban a number of assault rifles was taken off the table Tuesday morning.

"I was happy to hear that was going to be taken out of the proposal," he said.

Paul decided to celebrate with some practice shooting at Lock 'n Load in Tyler.

"I think that would definitely take away from that second amendment right ," he said.

Still, other parts of the legislation will remain in tact, like increasing a grant for school security, and expanding background checks.

The attempt for gun control, including the ban on assault weapons, came on the heels of December's deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, one of many recent shootings.

Vice President Joe Biden says, "The facts are these assault weapons and the magazines that hold 30, 50 and in the case of Aurora 100 rounds of ammunition are unnecessary."

Paul disagrees with the Vice President.

"The knee jerk response to recent events, shootings that are terrible things, was to introduce new legislation which I don't think is going to fix the problem," Paul said.

While the ban is no longer a part of the proposed gun control bill, it could stand on its own as an amendment.

Legislation that would ban assault weapons passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. And that has conservative politicians worried.

Texas State Representative Matt Schaefer says that means some U.S. lawmakers do want a ban to pass.

"That's why we are working so hard in Austin to find ways under the constitution to protect Texans from someone in Washington infringing on our second amendment rights," Schaefer said.


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