East Texans react to President's gun control plan

TYLER (KYTX) - A month after the Newtown shootings, President Obama announces a new gun control proposal with 23 executive orders.

It includes new laws that would require action from Congress.

The outline announced today covers background checks and even gives incentive for schools to hire police officers.

It's a sweeping package the President says will help prevent mass shootings.

But many who own guns say they're not completely sold on the idea.

Johnny Bryant has owned guns for more than 40 years.

He says the President's new plan to curb gun violence leaves questions.

"As far as disclosing and sharing information, I don't understand how it can be controlled. How can they measure it?" asks Bryant.

"The stricter the background checks and mental health information needs to be put out there to help ensure people do not buy firearms that do not need firearms," says Robert Quates with Lock and Load in Tyler.

Quates says he agrees with what was laid out by the President Wednesday.

However, he says if it's taken any further, it's a problem.

"I'm calling on Congress to pass some very specific proposals, right away," says President Obama.

As of now, assault weapons are heavily regulated.

But military style assault weapons like AR-15's haven't been since a ban was lifted in 2004.

A proposal to congress looks at another ban on assault style weapons, and there's no word yet on limiting high capacity magazines.

"Any proposal to congress to ban magazine capacity or ban AR rifles, I do not agree with and that is infringing on the second amendment," says Quates.

Within the anti-gun violence plan the President calls for a safe and responsible gun ownership program, as well as clarifying gun lock and gun safe standards.

"If there is even one life that can be saved, then we've got an obligation to try," says President Obama.

Trying to make a safe culture in our country, that some believe comes at a price.

"Congress can make those laws, but it's part of our constitution. And I think everyday we're trying to get away from our constitution," says Bryant.

The blanket background checks would allow for information sharing across state lines, giving gun dealers a chance to know more about a buyer.

The executive order also calls for more work and help to be offered for mental health problems.

Several Republican lawmakers released statements saying they will oppose any new gun laws.

The first hearing on the gun control proposals will be January 30th.


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