East Texans turning to health care sharing ministries for cheaper and more personal health care

East Texans turning to health care sharing ministries for cheaper and more personal health care

TYLER (KYTX)-When Daniel Lamonte moved to Texas, he struggled to find an affordable health care plan for his family, but then he found a health care sharing ministry.

"It was such great savings and beyond that looking at the Christian aspect of Christians helping other Christians and it just matched up with what we thought was biblical and so we decided to give it a try," Lamonte said.

Lamonte is a member of Medi-Share, a Christian organization. 

Members pay a monthly fee that goes towards sharing each other's medical bills. 

He says the best thing about it is how personal it is.

"They offer to pray with you at the end of each conversation so whether you just found out you have cancer or the great news of having a baby they are there not just to tell you what you're going to get and how they are going to take care of you but they are actually going to give you a personal touch which is awesome," Lamonte said.

But not everyone can become a member of these health care ministries, members have to pledge that they wont use any tobacco or drink alcohol excessively.

"You don't want to live a lifestyle that's addictive or that's given anything like that and as a result they are really trying to serve people and help people that are living that type of lifestyle," Lamonte said.

Lamonte knows there is not a one hundred percent guarantee that his needs will always be met because this type of health care relies on other people but Medi-Share representatives say that has never been a problem.

"In the last 20 years we have shared 100 percent of all eligible needs so we have a good experience that we don't run out of money, there is enough for people to share," Christian Care Ministries Vice President Doctor Andrea Miller said.

Lamonte says the low cost and the personal touch are what keeps him and his family with Medi-Share.

"You call in and try to get some questions answered and they are like well how are your kids, how is your family and you're like well they're doing great so it almost takes you back like it is shocking to you," Lamonte said.

Medi-Share representatives say another reason people join is because they know their money isn't going to medical procedures they don't believe in, like abortions.



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