East Texans welcome drop in gas prices

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - As prices continue to slowly fall, making that trip to the pump a more pleasant one for a lot of East Texans.

 Here at Skinner's in Longview the gas is $3.09 cents but in some areas of Longview, gas is as low as $2.99. These are numbers we haven't seen since December of last year according to Triple A Texas. Those in East Texas who are pulling up to the pump say they wont complain about the prices.

 Dave Tennison drives a 2500 heavy duty Chevy Silverado pick up truck and it takes gallons and gallons of fuel to keep it on the road.

"Because it takes so much to fill up my big truck, I just pull up to the pump and put in what I need and keep going."

Today he noticed gas where he normally fills up, was a bit cheaper than usual.

"The lower they go the more I'll be able to put in my pocket instead of in the gas tank."

Gas has dropped exactly 60 cents since September 1st according to TexasGasPrices.com and that has lifted the spirits of Dave and a lot of others.

"they tend to go down really during the holiday time."

Brandy Hall is the store manager at Longview's Zippy Jay's #4. She says people have been surprised at how low gas prices have been lately.

"It's all based on the price that we have to pay for gas that determines the price we'll sell it for."

She says that's how gas station make their profit.

"And a lot of times honestly the owners don't make a profit on gas, but they know that they have to sell it for a certain amount for the customers to buy it."

Shelly Reid says she doesn't remember the last time gas was as low as $3.00 a gallon.

"I usually only put 25 or 30 dollars in there, but today I filled up and I'm not concerned about it."

She says with all of the traveling she does, if prices stay this low it will be a merry Christmas in her home.

 "That's another gift card I can get from Texas Roadhouse or Target, another stocking stuffer."

Triple A Texas say they expect the prices to slightly increase over the next few weeks due to holiday travel then drop right back down.


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