East Texas abortion law supporters speak out about challenges

Tyler (KYTX) -- Some East Texans in favor of the state's new tough abortion restrictions are speaking out about the new law being challenged. 

"It's a travesty. That's what it is," Julie Wood, a sonographer at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Tyler, said.

Wood works with babies everyday, and is a vocal supporter of House Bill 2, which faces challenges in federal court.

"I do ultrasounds here, and seeing that baby's heartbeat changes everything," Wood said.

What's being challenged is how the abortion pill RU 486 is physically taken, and the requirement that doctors have admitting privileges within 30 miles.

"That's very reasonable because if there's a complication with that pregnancy, or that baby or that mother, they need to be able to report to a hospital immediately," Wood said.

The ruling is a victory for Planned Parenthood, which expected clinics to close because of this provision.

"The court recognized that the new arbitrary restrictions that the Legislature put in place were going to be a block to women accessing these services," Sarah Wheat, spokesperson of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, said.

With much still in limbo, Wood is applauding the message Texas lawmakers have sent to the rest of the country.

"I invite any pro-choice people to come and spend a day with me and I think their opinions on abortions would change immensely," Wood said.

Yesterday's ruling is on its way to a federal appeals court. It's expected to end up in the U.S. Supreme Court.


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