East Texas Boy Scouts return home after escaping Colorado wildfire

East Texas Boy Scouts return home after escaping Colorado wildfire

TYLER (KYTX) - An East Texas Boy Scout troop is home after evacuating twice from a Colorado wildfire.

As the charter bus made the turn into Pollard United Methodist Church in Tyler, one anxious mom stood on the sidewalk ready to run and hug her family Friday Morning.

Ann Brown welcomed home her husband Mike, a scout leader, and two sons, Noah and Clay.

Many moms grabbed their sons tight, took pictures, and just showed how happy they were to see them.]

"Everybody was happy to get back here," said Noah Brown.

Noah Brown was hiking with his father in the mountains when the wildfire started heading toward their camp.

"The police showed up, they got us in their car, and got us off that mountain," explained Brown.

His younger brother, Clay, was at the camp.

"Ashes were falling down on our camp," said Clay Brown.

All the more than 40 boy scouts and their leaders were able to make it to a Red Cross shelter set up at a local high school.

"Everybody was calm, there were a few people who were scared, because it's just something that isn't normal," said Clay Brown.

Scoutmaster Paul Williamson says they stuck to their boy scout motto, "be prepared."

"You notice I'm smiling? Because of the look in those boys faces, seeing them safe," said Paul Williamson.

"It was just preparation, the staff told us what we're going to do the first day we got there and told us where we would meet," added Noah Brown.

Scout leaders believe they lost one of their vehicles, a camping trailer, and a lot of their camping gear in the fire.

Early estimates for the lost is between $15,000 and $20,000. You can drop off a donation for the boy scouts at Pollard United Methodist Church in Tyler.


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