East Texas homes "flying off the market"

East Texas homes "flying off the market"

TYLER (KYTX) - It's not just a real estate rumor. Homes in East Texas, especially in the Tyler area, are flying off the market right now.  It's a trend that's picked up major speed in the past few months.  

Local real estate agents say the inventory, which means how many houses are on the market, has drastically fallen, so the ones that are for sale are going quickly.

Blythe McCain and her husband moved into their Tyler home five years ago.

"We've thoroughly enjoyed the home, we've just outgrown it," McCain says.

With two little ones, and another on the way, they decided to look for a bigger home.

"I saw how fast things were moving and I offered our home to be shown off the market, and two showings later we had a contract on the home.

Before a sign ever went in the yard!" she says.

McCain is a real estate agent, so she wasn't too surprised.

"I'm seeing this on a daily basis," she says. "Being in real estate, we are seeing multiple full price offers on homes in this price range. It's really about the $150,000 - $250,000 that's the hot price right now."

Remax realtor Jonathan Wolf is seeing the same thing. 

"If it's a hot property and it's priced right, you bet there's going to be two and three offers and the seller has terms to choose from," Wolf says.

Both realtors have the same advice for potential sellers: "If you are even considering putting your home on the market, now is the time," McCain says.  

They both laugh as they give their best advice for buyers:  get a good realtor.

"We can monitor the market, and email you the second a house comes up and it's way more effective than doing it by yourself," Wolf says.

He says if you're not watching the market like a hawk chances are, by the time you see a house you like, it will be sold.  


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