East Texas parents discuss benefits of teaching children at home

FLINT (KYTX) - The tragedy in Connecticut may have some of you looking for different education options for your children.

CBS 19's Anthony Austin spoke to East Texas parents who have made the choice to educate their children at home. 

The Gage children's classroom is just down the hall from their bedrooms.

Katie, Eli, and little Desi are all taught in their home classroom by their mom, Donna.

"If we need an extra week on this concept, we take the extra week," said Donna Gage.

It's like any other classroom with plenty of books, pictures of all the United States Presidents, and artwork along the wall.

"There are some days that are very hard. But it's a blessing to be the one who's there when my child figures out two blocks and two blocks make 4 blocks," said Jeff Gage.

The Gage family said one of the biggest reasons they made the choice to home school was to be closer to their children and have time to spend with them.But. there was one major news event that also influenced their decision.

"Oklahoma city bombing happened," said Donna.

Donna was a public school teacher at the time.

"I just remembered thinking, I have a class of 24 children in here of 5 and 6 year-olds and what would I have done. It scared me at that point," said Donna.

Donna had already met other children who were homeschooled.

She and Jeff decided it would be best for their children's academic and spiritual education if they were taught at home.

"Time with our children is a huge advantage," said Jeff.

Jeff is the senior pastor at Lanes Chapel United Methodist Church in Tyler. With his busy schedule, it just makes sense, and he jokes, financially too.

"You decrease the cost, because they eat leftovers for lunch," said Jeff.

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