East Texas passengers say cruise ship not as bad as others say

East Texas passengers say cruise ship not as bad as others say

TYLER (KYTX) - The Carnival Triumph has docked at the port in Mobile, Alabama, after a long nightmare at sea.

People on board say conditions weren't great, but it wasn't as bad as some others made it seem.

Still, being adrift at sea for days left their family waiting by the phone.

Luckily, they're headed to dry land tonight.

As the carnival triumph slowly made it's way through the mobile channel -- that was the first time in three days Nancy gee heard from her sister.

"We just had to rely no the national news to start giving us our information," says Nancy Gee.

Until she got a call from her sister, Martha Lindblom, Thursday afternoon.

"We haven't been without any kind of food," says Lindblom.

Lindblom and her husband are from Tyler, she says the conditions aren't as bad as many say.

"We had chicken, grilled chicken. They've had hamburgers, hot dogs. We even had lobster and shrimp," says Lindblom.

While the food has been good, there is still no electricity and no running water most of the time.

Lindblom says there is a smell.

"The commodes don't always flush and when they don't, they started with red bags and they went to regular brown bags for you to do the number 2 job," says Lindblom.

Some passengers felt differently, spelling out "help" on the deck when a helicopter flew over.

"Me and dad and our friends and everybody have been wondering and waiting. Okay, so when are we getting off? We've been waiting for next announcement and when we wake up I'm just like ask myself and my dad can I go back to sleep again...like, cause I want another day to pass," says Rebekah Porat, a passenger.

Some passengers moved mattresses to the hallways.

Many wore robes to stay warm.

"I got an email from somebody that said it looked like a shanty town up there, and it did," says Lindblom.

Now Lindblom has to finish the trip back to Texas after getting off the ship.

"In her text to me, she said, she's looking forward to a hot shower and a hot meal," says Gee.

Lindblom says the staff on board has bent over backwards to help them.

She says this won't deter her from taking another cruise in the future.

U.S. Customs officers arrived earlier Thursday to speed up the process of getting everyone off the ship without any additional wait.

Carnival has reimbursed the passengers for the trip, is paying travel expenses to get them home.

The cruise line even gave them $500 and a free trip in the future.



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