East Texas pro-life supporters rally at state capitol

East Texas pro-life supporters rally at state capitol

TYLER (KYTX) - East Texas has quite a large presence in Austin Tuesday, supporting the pro-life legislation.  

More than 265 East Texans gathered Tuesday morning at the Chapel of St. Peter & Paul at T.K. Gorman in Tyler at 6:00 a.m. for mass. They then hopped into busses headed for Austin, with one goal in mind.

"Just to remind people that babies are also human beings, just to be a voice for them," says Tylerite Lori Westbrook.

Members of the group spent the day sounding off about their pro-life views on the steps of the state capitol.

"We're just here to support this issue. I feel very strongly about it," says Tyler mom Shari O'Neill, who says she is taking the trip to be an example to her kids.

"I have 4 children," she says. "My oldest is down in Austin right now, she's going to join us. and I just want the kids to know that this is incredibly important and it's something that we stand for as Catholics."

The huge crowd gave rally organizer Vincent Nguyen a sense of pride.

"I've been here for almost 20 years and we're just so excited to be here and I'm so overwhelmed with the turnout this morning ," Nguyen says.

The goal on Friday was just to fill one bus. Tuesday morning, they filled six, with at least 265 East Texans.

"I'm very hopeful and it's just incredibly uplifting to know that there's so much support in East Texas," O'Neill says.

They all hope to have a respectful and peaceful trip to Austin.

"There's always going to be two sides and I think it's important to level the playing ground and really listen to the facts and give the facts, and basically have a discussion," Nguyen says.

The group of East Texans were dressed in blue, because that's the color all the pro-life supporters have been wearing at the capitol. Pro-choice supporters have been wearing orange.


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