East Texas soldiers asks Selena Gomez to Army Ball

East Texas soldiers asks Selena Gomez to Army Ball

CHAPEL HILL (KYTX) - One East Texas soldier popped a pretty big question to a pop star on YouTube.

No, we don't mean he asked her to marry him, but he did ask Selena Gomez to be his date to the Army Ball.

Specialist Collin Gray doesn't seem to shy about asking the pop superstar out on video that's showing up on YouTube.

People we spoke to say he's outgoing and confident.

Plus, who could say no to a man serving in Afghanistan?

Another soldier stationed with Specialist Collin Gray in Afghanistan starts asking him questions about the Army Ball in the fall

High hopes, and a special request.

"I would do something like that if I had the opportunity," says Tobias Drawhorn, who knew Gray in high school.

What guy in his teens or twenties wouldn't?

"I think be a little above his league, but when you shoot, you shoot for the stars," says Chapel Hill High School football coach Thomas Sitton.

These two know Gray, Sitton coached him in football, including a run to state in 2010.

Tobias Drawhorn was a few grades behind him.

"He was a great linebacker, also during the season, he taught me how to deep snap," says Drawhorn.

Coach Sitton says the 2011 graduate makes people in the community proud, and they're getting a kick out of his proposal.

"He had girlfriends here and there, but I think Selena Gomez might be the biggest one he's had so far," says Sitton.

But Coach says he needs to remember his manners if she says yes.

"He's a good old Texas boy, East Texas boy, and needs to be himself and be sure he's a gentleman and be on his best behavior.

And Drawhorn hopes he can help him out with getting his message to Selena.

"I might put it on my Facebook myself, shout out to my boy Collin," says Drawhorn.

He says if she says yes, he only asks for one thing in return.

"If she says yes, Collin, I want an autograph," says Drawhorn.

We did try to get in touch with Selena Gomez's manager, we haven't heard back from her people tonight.

And as of now, we haven't seen a response from her, publicly.

One of the reasons he brought up, she's from Texas.

Specialist Gray says he's supposed to be back to see his family in August.

The Army Ball is in September.


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