East Texas woman shares her personal story of abortion

East Texas woman shares her personal story of abortion

(KYTX) - Statistics show 1 in 3 women will have an abortion by the time they reach the age of 45.

State lawmakers find that statistic troubling and want to do something to stop it.

The proposal would ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy, require doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and limit abortions to surgical centers.

Supporters say the bill would improve women's health care.

Opponents say it would shut down 37 out of 42 abortion clinics in the state, forcing many women to resort to dangerous and unsafe measures.

"22 years ago, I had an abortion," said Brandi Dudley.

Brandi Dudley was a senior in high school when she became pregnant.

"I was looking for someone to say... no, you can make it. We'll get through this," explained Dudley.

But, she says, no one ever uttered those words.

"I asked the counselor at Planned Parenthood if there was a baby in me, and I was told I wasn't far enough along for it to matter and it was probably just a blob of tissue," said Dudley.

Brandi says she regrets listening to that advice, because she doesn't think it was true.

"I believed the lies and deceit surrounding my abortion, I'm now raising 2 of my 3 children," added Dudley.

This past weekend, more than 600 women's rights protestors crowded into the state capitol.

The proposed legislation would close about 90 percent of all abortion clinics in Texas.

Opponents of the bill used hangars as a prop, saying women would have no other option.

"If you talk to anyone who's had an abortion, it affects her," said Aimee Krol.

Aimee Krol counsels women in Tyler who may be considering abortions. She showed me what a baby looks like in the 20th week of pregnancy.

"At this age, a baby has everything that they need to live," said Krol. 

State lawmakers want to ban abortions after that point.

Brandi is standing behind state lawmakers. She wishes someone would have stood behind her when she was 17.

"There are warning messages all over our products in America, but there is no warning on abortion," said Dudley.


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