Elderly neglect: How you can spot it and help

Elderly neglect: How you can spot it and help

TYLER (KYTX) - Trinity County Sheriff's and Adult Protective services is investigating after an elderly man was found on the couch sitting in his own waste and covered in ants.

The man involved in this hasn't been identified, but he was in really bad shape when he was found Thursday on Arndt's Lane on FM356.

The man is alive but was very frail weighing only 100 pounds. It's not clear how long he was left alone.

Elderly care providers said there are things family members, friends and neighbors can to do possibly prevent other situations like this from happening.

It's a pretty close knit community at the Hampton's Retirement community. Ninety-year-old Ernestine Roberts would know, because she's lived there for the past seven years.

"Do what ever you can to assist each other."

Roberts said even though her community members are older, they make sure to keep an eye out on one another. She said they have hall monitors and team up with a buddy system, where they'll make sure to check in on other residents regularly.

However, that's not always the case for people living outside the community.

Specialist say elderly people often try to hid that they have any type of problem, but what neighbors and family should do is to look to see if that elderly person is  losing weight, they have bruises on their bodies and even if they're mailboxes are overflowing.

"Those are signals that they need extra help," said Jeanie Winebarger, who works for At Home HealthCare. The business specializes in providing in home care for the elderly.

"There's two things that seniors really don't' want, they don't want to be dependant and they don't want other people to have to take care of them," said Winebarger.

She said, the elderly often find it hard to accept assistance from family or friends, because they don't want to show their vulnerability to people that may have seen them at their strongest. Even so, she said it's best to still extend that help.

"People believe the government is going to be able to provide help for all people, and it's just simply not true, so I think as neighbors we need to reach out ," said Winebarger.

Police ask if you know anything about this case to contact them. And if you see elderly abuse contact your law enforcement or adult protective services.



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