Electricity savings ideas to beat summer cooling expenses

Electricity savings ideas to beat summer cooling expenses


TYLER (KYTX) - While Texans can't get away from the summer heat, there are steps electricity consumers can take to lower electric costs.

It's a cool 77 degrees in the H.C. Dionne energy efficient house. He hasn't always lived in the home.

"The last place we actually owned a home, we was paying around anywhere between 250 to 300 or more," said Dionne.

The highest he's paid since moving a year and half ago into his energy efficient  home a year and a half ago. The highest he's paid has been $80, the lowest just under $14.

For people living in energy efficient homes, insulation is really what helps them keep their bills down,but for people living in your typical apartment of home, Oncor says their are some steps you can take to cut down on your electric bill."

Aside from remembering to turn off the light when you leave the room, turn the thermostat up a few degrees.

"It doesn't make sense to sit in your home and sweat," said Customer Operations Manager for Oncor Charles Hill.

He said raising the temperature and using a fan could make it feel cooler.
"Every degree you raise you save," Hill said.

The condition of your air filters play a major role in electricity cost. As a matter of fact, Hill said they should be changed every month.   

"Just a little bit of dirt on that filter really reduces the efficiency of your unit," HIll said.

It's the little things that really start to add up. From running washer and dishwasher machines during the day versus at night, to not plugging appliances that aren't being used.

"Every little thing may not be much, but when you have 10 of those little things then that becomes a bigger issue," said Hill.

It's a bigger and more costly issue, one Dionne is happy he no longer has to deal with.



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